The Laboratory for Single-cell Data Science is grateful to the funding agencies that support its mission and work. We are an active recipient of the following grants and awards:

  1. Statistical Methods for Transcriptome Profiling using RNA Sequencing: R01-HG004517 (NIGMS)
  2. Elucidation of Tissue-Specific Transcriptomic Profiles in Cardiometabolic Disease: R01-HL11314 (NHLBI)
  3. Statistical Methods for Single-Cell Transcriptomics: R01-GM125301 (NIGMS)
  4. Genomic and Cellular Variation from Single Molecules to Single Cells: R01-HG006137 (NHGRI)
  5. Statistical Methods for High-Resolution Multiscale Analysis in DNA Interactions: Award # 1562665 (Division of Mathematical Sciences, NSF)


Wharton Research Computing

We are thankful to the Wharton High-Performance Computing Team for their support and collaboration. Special shout-out to:

  1. Hugh MacMullan
  2. Vincent Conley
  3. Gavin W. Burris


Just like the fields of single-cell genomics and data science, our group cherishes, welcomes and thrives on collaboration. We experience the adventure of scientific discovery together with wonderful physicians and scientists from these institutions: